Residential Buying


One of the many things that The Bonnie Grossman Group prides itself on is customer service.  When we have a new buyer, one of the first things we do is sit down and understand the needs and desires of both the husband and wife.  Surprisingly, we find that they do not know all of the things that each other wants in a new home.  We also explain the entire home buying process including how an offer is made, how negotiations typically occur, the importance of home inspections and everything else right up to and including the settlement of the property.  We are involved every step of the way and try to make this as pleasant an experience as possible.  We are here to protect your interests.

When we are looking for that new dream house, we are proactive in the process.  We know what is out there for sale and we have probably seen many of them already.  We will tell you our honest thoughts about the property and what it may be worth.  We will recommend houses for you to see because we have a good understanding of what you want.  Some Realtors just open doors, we do so much more.

One of the benefits of working with our Group is that frequently two of us will go out looking at homes with you.  This is for your benefit because you will know and be comfortable with another member of our Group and they will have a good idea of what you are looking for in terms of style, price point, area, etc.  Working with one of us is working with all of us!

After you buy your home, there is frequently work that you want done to your new home.  We can assist our recommend various contractors for the work.  We are always there for you, both before and after the sale.