Real Estate Investment

Investing in Real Estate has always been a sound decision.  Although it does not have the "adrenalin rush" that several other investment vehicles do, it seldom loses value for any extended period of time.  The problem for the small to mid sized investor is finding a Realtor who understands what you or your advisors are talking about in financial terms and who knows how to financially evaluate investment properties.

As a Certified Public Accountant and Realtor, Ken Marrama know what to do and speaks your language!  He does not sell curb appeal; Ken sells cash flow, appreciation and value.  If you are a buyer, once he understands the financial goals that you or your financial advisors have established, he will hunt out investment opportunities that meet your criteria.  Ken utilizes numerous computer models to identify and evaluate potential investments and match those results against the desired results.  As a rule, he generally visits potential properties and reports back his findings.  This minimizes your time.  You will only have to visit sites that he believes are worth your time and attention.  He will then present his evaluations to you and your advisors explaining the assumptions made and the projected results.  The final decision is always yours; Ken simply makes getting there that much easier.

If you are a seller, he utilizes those same computer models and many of the same techniques to help you establish the best sales price possible.  He will work with Realtors for potential buyers to convince them of the worth of the property based upon those models and the prevailing market conditions.

From his own experience, Ken has found that there is a point below which the typical commercial Realtor does not want to do business, that is where he excels.  Ken's targeted clientele are individuals or small groups who wish to invest in multi family dwellings, small to medium sized strip malls and shopping centers or small to medium sized office complexes.  It does not matter if you are an experienced investor or a novice, everyone receives the highest level of service and attention.  Investing in Real Estate, It Just Makes Dollars and Sense.

 "Experience, Service, Know How...

You're Going To Want Us On Your Side"